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100% Vegan • Botanically Based • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free

Welcome to Zerran Hair Care, where beautiful hair happens naturally.
We at Zerran have been developing natural 100% vegan professional hair care products with renewable botanical extracts and essential oils for more than a decade.

Our products are designed to condition and improve the health of your hair. We have researched the latest scientific information as well as centuries-old botanical tradition to obtain the most effective formulas for your hair.

Zerran products contain the highest quality aroma therapeutic oils such as ylang-ylang, peppermint, tangerine and geranium in order to complete the soothing and uplifting beauty experience.

Recent Announcements

New Website!

Zerran has a new and improved website at www.zerran.com. click Here

Recent Products

For information about Zerran's revolutionary Reform Natural Hair Straightening System. Permanently relaxes or straightens the hair.

Free of sodium Hydroxide, Guanidine Hydroxide, Ammonium
Thioglycolates and other harsh chemicals. Click here.

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